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Firmware and build guide can be located over on Github. For any assistance, please reach out on the Discord.

The NFR-70 is the first project by Nyhxis, and it's a ProMicro/Elite-C powered 70% DIY kit, essentially a 60% with F-row. It's a budget FR4 kit consisting of a PCB, switch plate and bottom plate, Soldering is required, but all the parts are throughhole, so it's fairly straight forward, and in case you've soldered switches before, this shouldn't be an issue.


  • QMK and VIA compatible
  • Typing angle: ~5.8 degrees

Layout Support

While supporting standard ANSI layout, it also support a number of other different options:

  • ISO enter
  • Tsangan bottom row
  • Split left shift
  • Split right shift
  • Split backspace

Due to the limited amount of I/O pins, regular ANSI bottom row and split right shift are unusable at the same time, as the right Alt on ANSI bottom row and the fn key on split right shift are using the same signal trace.


The Kit Includes

  • switch plate and bottom plate, in selected color of your choice
  • PCB, colored black
  • Elite-C v4 microcontroller
  • Diodes and a reset switch
  • Standoffs and screws, colored black, and rubber bumpons.

If shipping is not available for your region, don't hesitate to get in touch, either here or on Discord, since we will most likely be able to enable it, as it may just have been an oversight.

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